Plein Air Painting




This class will take you through the steps of creating a successful plein air painting.  The beginning stages, consisting of preliminary sketches and blocking in, will be discussed and practiced, as will elements further into the painting process: color harmony, value and atmospheric perspective.  Teaching will be strongly one on one, as you paint your choice of scenery in various Long Island locations.  Instructor demonstrations will be incorporated during classes, though emphasis will be on student painting time.  On rainy days, class will be held indoors at the Atelier, using photos that you bring or those provided to you.  A variety of ability levels are welcomed, as long as the materials list is given adequate attention. 



Materials not included.


All levels are welcome. 






Spring lll 

Instructor: Anthony Davis

Time: Fridays 10a.m. - 1p.m.

June 5th - June 26th 2020

Class Length: 4 Weeks

Price: $240.00 

**Please check the class calendar for holiday closings and class schedules



Class Materials List


This list is a general outline for those requiring guidelines.

It is not mandatory or necessarily complete. 



Easel:  One of the following:

French Easel / Pochade box / Portable easel and paint box


Basic palette: Suggested only.  Gamblin paints;

         Titanium White  -  Portland Grey Light  -  Payne’s Grey  -  Raw Umber  -  Ultramarine Blue

         Sap Green  -  Yellow Ochre  -  Permanent Orange  -  Cadmium Yellow Light  -  Napthol Red

         Cerulean Blue



         A selection of bristle and/or natural hair brushes, sizes ranging from small to large.

         Some synthetic brushes work well.  Nylon brushes are not recommended.

         Suggested brush profiles: filberts, flats, brights and rounds.


Painting Medium:  Painting Medium (Liquin is my medium)


Brush Cleaner: Mineral Spirits, turpentine, paint thinner or other brush cleaner.


Canvas:  Panels using linen, cotton duck, or polyflex.  

                Sizes:  Smaller sizes strongly recommended.  Not to exceed 12 x 16.



                   Paper towels

                   Small garbage bag/plastic bag


                   Dark colored shirt (less reflection from the sun)

                   Painting hat


                   Sketch pad and pencils

                   Photos to work from on rainy days

                   Optional:  Painting umbrella, portable seat/stool (if you like to sit)